Provide your contacts with a contact form for sending messages and files to you securely. Messages and files are encrypted using your S/MIME cetificate, and sent to your email.

EncryptedContactForm eliminates the need for senders to understand the intricacies of encryption, certificates, keys, etc. With EncryptedContactForm, there is no need for your senders to import your certificate into their email client. Just provide your senders with the link to your secure contact form, and your senders can send messages and files to you through the form, as they would with any other contact form. EncryptedContactForm encrypts the message and any attached files using your S/MIME certificate and forwards the encrypted message to your email.

As an example, see our secure contact form at EncryptedContactForm.

Setup is simple. Just send your S/MIME certificate to us, and we'll do the rest.

How it works

When a message is sent through EncryptedContactForm, the message and attached files are encrypted while in transit from the sender's web browser to our web server, via an SSL/TLS connection. Upon reaching our server, the plaintext message and attached files are briefly stored in memory, where they are immediately encrypted using the public key from the recipient's S/MIME certificate. After encryption, the plaintext message and files are immediately purged from memory. The encrypted message is stored on disk, where it remains encrypted while at rest, while queued for delivery to the recipient. At no point are the plaintext message and files written to disk.


How can I get an S/MIME certificate?
S/MIME certificates are available from a number of certificate authorities, such as Digicert, Comodo, Globalsign, Actalis, and many others. Many certificate authorities offer S/MIME certificates free of charge or at a reduced charge for personal use.

Is EncryptedContactForm HIPAA compliant?
Yes. All sensitive information is encrypted while in transit, and encrypted while at rest, and no sensitive information is ever written to disk in plaintext form - as required for HIPAA compliance. Contact us to inquire about a BAA agreement.

Are custom contact forms available, and can forms be hosted in my domain?
Yes. Contact us to inquire about custom forms and hosting options.


EncryptedContactForm is a free service provided by Meixler Technologies, Inc.

We can be contacted via our secure contact form at EncryptedContactForm.